My review of Andrea Electronics noise cancelling headsets

The two sets I have are the NC-250V and the wireless one, WNC-1500.

They both seemed a bit floppy and cheaply made when I took them out of their packages, but they have held up as we’ve used them and I’ve grown to appreciate them.  The little spongy thing does fall off the boom on the microphone of the wired set, but it’s easily reapplied.  This happens to every spongy thing we ever own and I think it’s due to lack of respect from my children, not lack of quality in the item.

The wired set has terrific sound and a durable, long cord.  It worked correctly right out of the box.  My son already wants a set for himself and plans to order.  He prefers the feel of this headset over the wireless one.  I really don’t mind either.  They’re light and comfortable.

The wireless headset is pretty neat.  The range is great.  You can’t listen to music from your computer while you garden, but you can definitely walk around the same room and even the next room or two.  Setup was pretty seamless.  There is a USB device that transmits to and receives from the headset.  It does have one quirk.  Not every time, but on occasion, when I plug in the USB device my wireless network card turns off!  I can usually just reconnect to the wireless router and I’m fine, but it’s annoying.  I haven’t downloaded their actual driver software, though, so maybe that’s part of the problem.  It was plug and play for me.  I didn’t have to do anything to get it ready.  Another feature of the wireless set that I like is that it has rechargeable batteries that are charged via a cord from the USB port on my pc.  You cannot use the headset while it’s charging.  I don’t know how long it will last on a charge as it hasn’t drained the battery on me yet.  Again, the sound is great.  The only problem is that they pretty well block out the outside world, so the one with them on does not hear his mother calling him!  This is true of the wired set, too.

If I have further comments I will post again.

Amy Karnes


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