Fun With Geocaching

The FREE homeschool group went Geocaching yesterday (9/28) near Stonewall Jackson Lake Dam.  We had a terrific time!  It was fun wandering around in the woods looking for hidden boxes.  Watching older children helping younger children and moms helping each other and each other’s children was a treat.  The excitement of the pursuit was contagious.  Chatting with other moms was a highlight of my day.

The geocaching kit we used was on loan from the Upshur County Library.  They require a $20 deposit which will be refunded upon return.  They said we were the first to borrow it, so we got to take it for its maiden voyage.  As we wandered the trails and off the trails I began to wonder if there was a geocaching app for my Droid phone.  Sure enough there is!  My 14 year old daughter is particularly interested in trying our hand at this wonderful adventure again.  She was playing with my phone last night in search of caches near and far.  I just hope that she doesn’t try to convince me to look for the one that requires a BOAT!

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